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Application Form

Funds Redeption Form

To redeem funds currently held at IAH , please fill out this form in its entirety, have all authorized persons sign below. By signing this form, the customer acknowledges that upon receipt, IAH reserves the right to request the Customer toclose out existing positions and/or will liquidate all open positions on behalf of the customer. Customer also acknowledges that IAH is notresponsible for delays caused by unclear fields or errors in any of the entered information. IAH is prohibited from accepting funds from or wiringfunds to accounts whose owner names do not appear on the Customer Account application. All redemption requests will be returned the waythey will be received or by bank wire to the bank account holders stated on application.

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Withdrawal Requested

Please note Inter Apex Holdings Limited reserves the right to return funds in the same manner they were received.
  • Wired funds will be sent as per the customer's instructions. This process can take 5-7 business day(s).
  • IAH encourages clients to request payment via bank wire transfer to ensure timely receipt.
  • Please note: All transfer fee is paid by the customer

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